Elon's Neighbor

My name is Gideon Dunkley and I have known Vivian and her family for over three years now. Vivian helped me purchase my home in Round Rock, Texas. She not only drove around for hours scouting out various properties and locations, but she also did all the legwork from start to finish. She was a tremendous help and I don’t know how I would have managed without her service.
Vivian is a dedicated and loyal agent who is always willing and able to go out of her way to assist her clients. I truly appreciate her diligent work ethic, perseverance, and dedication to her profession. Vivian is courteous, professional, and very respectful towards her clients; she is truly a valuable asset to her organization and her profession in the real estate marketplace. She is well-known and very respected, not only in her community but also with whomever she meets and represents as a client. I am looking forward to her assisting me in future real estate transactions. I highly recommend Vivian to all my friends, family, and associates. I am currently working in New York and rely on Vivian to be my eyes and ears in assisting me with keeping an eye on my property whenever I am out of town. Her service and friendship to me are invaluable. This also speaks to her character as a very loyal, trustworthy, honest, and dedicated agent who is always looking out for the best interest of her clients—a real trooper. I highly value her service and dedication to her profession.

Thank you.

Gideon A. Dunkley, Jr. MBA

Solid Relationship

I have been working with Vivian on several construction projects for her clients, and her energy and positive attitude always impressed me. Her homeowners show a lot of respect for her, and she built solid relationships with their clients by caring about their needs and advising them only in their best interest. Vivian is the kind of professional that would go to battle for you, and this level of commitment is always more difficult in real estate and other industries, and I felt I was doing everybody a disservice If I didn't recommend to all my clients.

~Federico Pigorini- Energy Consultant~

Best Agent


~Liao Jiang~

Long-Term Relationship

初初找Vivian買房子的時候,她會很熱心幫助所有的東西, 所以很放心將所有的東西交給她,Vivian她會推薦一些最合適自己預算的房子, 基本上所有問題她都會很熱心地幫你解決, 是一個很好的經紀.

~Benny Lam/Wilson Lam~

True Champion

The house buying experience my mother and I had with Vivian was a total breeze, I had a limited amount of time to find me a new house, she immediately hit the ground and getting the process rolling, Vivian stayed in close contact with my loan officer to ensure everything was running smoothly with the financing, she gives great and crucial advice on how to deal with the difficult aspects of the paper works and made them very easy for us, taking my mother to look at potential houses when I was at work, answering any questions even in the late hours, most importantly, my mother trusts her completely, which is a huge accomplishment in itself. Vivian was true champion to work with, not only from the beginning of the buying process, but also helped us move from our apartment to the new house, when she found out we had difficulty of finding a moving company giving our short time frame to move out of our apartment.

My experience with Vivian was phenomenal, honest and trustworthy, Vivian provided above and beyond, we not only found a fantastic realtor to work with, but we found a friend for life as well, I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Amazing Friend

Ms. Vivian -I’ve known her for about two years. We met - as we both are Substitute Teachers at one of our district schools. And from that day.. we just connected. I know her son, very respectful. Her husband never met him, but have heard of him.

Ms. Vivian is very generous, kind, helpful, desire to help others at all times. We have stayed in touch via texting all this time due to the ‘stay home’ Coronavirus epidemic.

Your friend:

Heap Praise!

I want to take this opportunity to heap praise upon Vivian Shelin-Chak regarding how well she handled our search and purchase of our house. I was actually against buying the house for a long time. Vivian weathered that conflict between myself and my wife like a pro. She helped me realize the benefits of buying the house, and I am now extremely grateful for her patience and her persistence. In the end, I couldn't be happier with our purchase, and I'm very glad she played such an active part in seeing us through the ups and downs.


Good and Honest Helper

Vivian是一个做事非常上心的Agent. 她会按照你的预算要求计划好去哪里看房子,认真介绍,全都安排妥妥的。她会给你很多她所经历的认为对你好的意见。计划长远。你想去哪看房她都愿意陪你一起。你有问题她都会帮你解决,教你怎样做。她会一直帮你找到你认为合适的房子!